Benefits of Green Cleaning

3 Benefits for your family

1. A healthier home

One of the main benefits of using green cleaning products is that they are safer for your health compared with other common chemical-based products. Many studies proof that chemical-based cleaning products can contribute to cancer, respiratory problems, reproductive abnormalities, allergic reactions and behavioral problems, and when we clean in small, unventilated spaces such as windowless bathrooms or showers the levels of toxins we’re breathing in can be extreme.

2. A healthier environment

When chemicals are exposed to the environment they introduce novel, bioactive opponents to ecosystems with consequences ranging from mild to severe for terrestrial and aquatic animals, humans and plant life.

Nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia (commonly found in a range of cleaning products) are dangerous water contaminants in large quantities and are regularly rinsed down drains and flushed down toilets as families clean the house.

3. Greater knowledge & Safety

One of the scariest things about chemical-based cleaning products is that you never really know what impact they are having on your health. By cleaning with organic, environmentally-friendly materials, it alleviates the questions surrounding the impact of harsh chemicals on our health, home, and the environment. Most children under five years of age are poisoned when they consume products that look like flavored drink or candy, so it’s vital that you look at what’s in your cupboard. Sometimes, these products look like candy such as marshmallows for laundry pods.